Fat bird, red cheeks, pointy beak

by Pamela

Hi there!

I have a bird outside my window (in Golden, Colorado), and I'm having a hard time identifying it.

It's chubby and gray, about the size of a large pigeon, with little black marks on its wings and body. (The black marks appear more prominent in the photo than they do in person.) It has reddish orange on the lower part of its face, and a very pointy beak.

Thanks for your help!

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Dec 22, 2017
Northern Flicker?? NEW
by: Anonymous

I think you might have a Northern Flicker in your tree! Look it up online. I’d send you the photo but this page won’t allow it and I can’t post a link.

From Santa Cruz, CA

Dec 22, 2017
fat bird, red cheeks, pointy beak NEW
by: Brook

Hi Pamela,
Thank you for the wonderful picture! That FAT BIRD is a Red Shafted Northern Flicker. The male has the red nike-like slash on his cheek but the female is missing this They are in the Woodpecker family and their diet is, ANTS! Although, if you put out a suet block they will love that too.

If there are ants in your tree you probably want it to eat them, but the suet gives them an extra winter boost.

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