Farmington, Arkansas Flickers Foraging

by David
(Farmington, Arkansas)

This is the second time we’ve seen several northern flickers on the ground. We moved in here a year ago and have noticed a lot of ant hills. There is a swale across our yard that gets a lot of activity. Our roadrunner visits daily and usually runs along the swale. There were 4 flickers foraging ants a couple of days ago. They stayed around for about 20 minutes. This morning there are 3 flickers that have been here for 15 minutes. We have a mockingbird who is just a big bully. He ran off the starlings this morning which is fine with me. He doesn’t seem to bother the flickers.

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Feb 04, 2018
farmington flickers NEW
by: roma

thanks for the observations. that,s wonderful you have so many flickers and they have enough food in the winter. my expirience is that birds will come back the next year if the environment is the same, i have audobon,s warblers here for at least the last 15 yrs.

i think the mockingbird is setting up it,s territory before courting a female, and it,d vital they have enough food to raise little ones. starlings are competition.

i was surprised you have a roadrunner, beeo beep!

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