Durability and Alignment

Durability and alignment are important considerations when choosing a pair of binoculars for birding.

Looking through binoculars is basically the same as looking through two telescopes, one for each eye. The two eyepieces must be properly aligned for you to view a focused image. It is easy to recognize when a pair of binoculars are severely misaligned. When you look through them you will see double images. It is much more difficult to notice if binoculars are only slightly out of alignment.

A sharp jolt or dropping your binoculars could cause them to go out of alignment. You can check the alignment with this quick test.Look through your binoculars, focusing on anything horizontal,including the horizon. Slowly pull the binoculars away from your eye up to about eight inches. If the binoculars are in alignment, the horizontal line should be at the same level in both fields.

If your binoculars are out of alignment, a professional shouldrepair them.

Inexpensive binoculars typically have prisms and lenses that are glued in place rather than securely held by metal brackets. This makes it likely that temperature changes or slight jolts can easily throw inexpensive, poorly made binoculars out of alignment. Since birding can be hard on optical equipment, it makes sense to purchase durable and well-made binoculars.

Choosing the best birding binoculars will greatly enhance your enjoyment of watching wild birds, even if only at your backyard bird feeders.

Consider durability and alignment when choosing binoculars. Click here for more information on choosing binoculars for birding. Return from Durability and Alignment to A Home For Wild Birds Home

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