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doves in my hanging flower basket on front porch...

by Sureshot

I had a hanging flower basket on my front porch and went out to water new plant (well seeds) I had just placed to find a dove.

I thought she would just fly away and move on. I kept going out to try and water but she stayed, had babies and keeps coming back every year for 5 years now in the same basket.

Needless to say my plants did no grow... but one night it was storming and she was on edge of porch and the water was hitting her and she was just in the elements (I felt so bad for her-really I did)... so I asked my husband to move the basket back under the awning (also thinking he will think I am nuts...but it made him love me more being he to is an animal lover)....and toward back and closer to huge brush/tree to block from most elements but far enough a cat cannot grab her.

I was worried after moving the basket if she would find it and if she would attend to it because there were 2 eggs in it. She did and you know.....I can pet her even while she lays on the eggs but as soon as they hatch she will then peck me to warn me. The babies grow so very fast I mean REALLY fast!!! It is going on a little over 5 years they return to SAME basket year after year so peaceful, so gentle so WONDERFUL! Only God could create such a peaceful, loving, faithful(til death do we part) amazing creature. Someday just sit back and watch them I know it may sound will experience peace like you would not beleive. BIRDS ARE WONDERFUL!
Thank you,

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doves in my hanging flower basket on front porch...

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May 27, 2012
See my "watering the eggs" new tale on this site
by: S.Jones

Me too, me too! Just found out today. Mine is nesting in hanging plant that is in shade, out of most winds in open walled front patio. I added a dog bowl for my two dogs this year, and I guess that addition was the perfect touch. I have been watering the nest without knowing....well, read my submission. I too am letting my one plant die to raise the chicks, but have to water my others along with adding to the dog bowl every day. I'm trying to find out what these "urban" mourning doves eat. I've always seen them in the desert and in arroyos, so I know they adapt to seeds, but usually have seen them eating from fields after harvests. I'm working on my own concoction of flax seeds, sunflower seeds, nuts pieces, and ?? whatever. If you have something, let me know. Thanks, Susan Jones in S. Nevada

Mar 12, 2012
Me too
by: Mountain girl

I too have a dove with two babies in a hanging flower pot. So exciting to watch the peeps grows so rapidly. Hope they come back again. Thanks for your great information.

Oct 01, 2011
by: Anonymous

Wonderful story and you are so lucky to have experienced this closeness with the Dove.

Oct 01, 2011
Dove Story
by: Judy-Seattle

I so much enjoyed your delightful story. I hope your doves continue to bless you for years to come. Thank you for sharing.

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