Dove teefen beak!

by Daelynne
(Sarnia, Ontario, Canada)

About two or three months ago a male and female dove maid a nest on my deck. I love them so much but one day two black birds tryed taking the dove couples nest so i shood them away . After that day the male never came back and i have a horrible feeling he died trying to protect his wife and her eggs. Then a couple weeks later she had a big cut near her eye i asumme was from another attack. Her babys just hatched yesterday and i was just wondering if there is anything i can do to make her life easier and if there is anything i can do to make sure the white speckled birds dont hurt her or her babys. I dont know much about birds.

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Jun 26, 2018
dove teefen beak! NEW
by: Brook

Pam said it, supply food for Mama. I found this article that mentions a diet specific to nesting doves

Formulated pigeon seed diets are available. A commercial diet contains mixed seeds and grains, vegetables and some are enriched with brewer's yeast plus vitamins and minerals. Different diet formulations exist for performance birds, resting birds and breeding birds.pigeons_and_doves-feeding-2

Pigeons are susceptible to calcium deficiency from eating only seeds. Seeds should only be 50% of a balanced diet, never the entire diet.

"Different diet formulations exist for performance birds, resting birds and breeding birds."

Jun 25, 2018
Thank you for caring! NEW
by: Pam P

Your just like me when it comes to birds, especially doves because they seem to get bullied all the time. I've learned a lot myself having bluebirds nest in my front yard. I stood guard it seemed like day and night looking out window, walking around yard making sure no cats were around. I know what's it like to love them. I'm not an expert but you could help with providing food and water close by so she doesn't go far from nest. Put it in spot where she can see it but maybe not all other birds. Maybe rig something up on porch by nest. I always did everything I could to protect bluebirds. Had water hose right by door so I could spray at whatever was lurking. I love doves. All you can do is your best and mama will hopefully see your helping her. Good luck and let us know how things go. spraying hose

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