DO Mallard Ducks recognize people?


Today I was beginning to fill the water bowl and throw some corn on my front porch for my female mallard duck that visits me every day,when she was already on the porch where I usually sit to feed her. However I was not wearing a shirt or hat like I normally do when she visits. She was a little shy today and just sat by the water bowl just staring at me. I think she didn't recognize me because I was not wearing the usual shirt and hat? She would stare at me and twist her head side to side like she was trying to figure out whom I was? Do you think she was confused and didn't recognize me?


Another reader just posted a note to the forum that watching nature is far more interesting than watching tv. I couldn't agree more.

Scientists have discovered that baby mallards imprint on the call and voice of the mother but not necessary what she looks like. So...maybe mom has imprinted on your hat!

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May 05, 2018
Feeding ducks NEW
by: Sally

I too have visitng mallards, but please don't feed them bread - mot good for them at all. Instead little grains, torn lettuce, berries, bird seed are all good. We want to keep our feathered friends healthy 🙂

Apr 03, 2017
Ducks recognising my call NEW
by: Anonymous

For several years ducks have visited my garden at nesting time for a free feed. As they fly over my house I 'quack' at them and they immediately turn around and circle the house a couple of times (presumably to check for predators) and then they land. They come Year after tear.
One year two of the ducks that visited me returned at the end of the nesting season with 8 young duck in tow. I presumed they were telling them where to go for food. The next year I was inundated with feathered visitors. The year before's babies I assume.

Mar 10, 2017
My ducks know me year after year NEW
by: Anonymous

This is the sixth year the ducks are coming to our pond. They also remember where I live and sit looking at my house.They have their babies here and we look after and make sure they get fed. How lovely site I think they know who I am.

Aug 16, 2012
Feeding our friends
by: Anonymous

Every morning my husband & I go to our neighborhood pond to feed to flocking mallards. Most are very friendly and will gather around our feet for bread. Others stay in the water awaiting the thrown bread to come to them. They are gentle with us but will pull each others feathers out to get to the bread first. These birds came from nowhere and are a constant now.

Recently a Coomoran joined them. At first the ducks seemed puzzled and just stared at this newcomer. But now the new addition swimgs with them.

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