Do Birds Watch Us?

by Fred
(Ohio southwestern)

Hi Susan,

It seems to me that my birds watch me from the trees above? They are not seen by me but they seem to know when I restock the feeders. I mean they show up as soon as I exit the area. I have had Downys and chickadees and Titmice literally fly at my head while stocking the feeders. The chickadees are really curious at what i do. They sit at the feeder and look into my front window as to watching me watch them?

I just watched a SUMMER TANAGER male sit in the pouring rain watching my neighbor working in his garage. The tanager was sitting on top of the Pileated suet feeder in the pouring rain as the feeder gently swung in the wind . Kinda like he was enjoying the swinging and the watching of my neighbor working. He is still there watching in the same spot and it has been 45 minutes.

I missed a photo minute when this summer tanager and a rose-breasted grosbeak shared the same feeder. Darn It was raining so hard I did not put out the camera.

Needles to say I was so surprised when this Summer Tanager showed up at my house yesterday. He seems to like the suet a lot. He is so active in the yard trying all the feeders (17)

Why have I never seen the Rose-breasted grosbeak FEMALE?

Thanks you Susan for listening to an old guy rant. You have the Best site on the Internet.

Fred Ohio

You are too kind, Fred.
As to never seeing the female, among birds, as among humans, it is the father who lends his name to the family, however difficult it may be to know the mother and children by it. Who that studies birds would recognize Mrs Scarlet Tanager by her name? Or Mrs Purple Finch? Or Mrs. Indigo Bunting? Or Mrs. Rose-breasted Grosbeak? The latter lady has not a rose-colored feather on her. She is a streaked, brown bird, resembling an overgrown sparrow,with a thick, exaggerated finch bill and a conspicuous white eyebrow. When her husband is in the tropics, his feathers are similar to hers. So then, even his name does not fit. But when he returns to the United States in late April, he is, definitely, a rose-breasted grosbeak.

The male is a true gentleman and carries food to his mate on the nest, as well as sings to her. He will even sit on the eggs. I have said this before; as a lover, husband and father he is irreproachable!

Happy Birding!

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