by Dee
(Surrey, UK )

Slightly larger than a blackbirds with brown back feathers, white under belly and a very pale orange under the neck and on the upper breast. Long yellow beak similar in shape to a blackbirds. Was seen in the garden and eating berries off the bush

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Mar 04, 2018
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by: Dee

The bird came back in the garden and we noticed he/she had a grey skull cape going dark as it went down the back of the neck. The tail feathers were quite dark towards the tip almost like the blue on a magpie. We thought the legs were brown but he was sitting in a bush so difficult to tell. Better look at beak and it was thicker at the base, stubby but fairly long. Still like a blackbirds but stubbier at the base.

Only been seen in garden when snow thick on ground so last saw this pretty bird a couple of years ago.

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