dark hark

by Lauren Staley
(Lake Whitney State Park, Texas)

dark hawk

dark hawk

dark hawk

Seen in Lake Whitney State Park Texas. We have many hawks here, especially Red-tailed. Wasn't sure if this is a dark morph red-tail, Harris's or something else. Thanks for your help!

Lauren Staley

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Jan 17, 2018
dark hawk NEW
by: roma

hi lauren, this one maybe one identified in the eastern bird guide, but it kind of looks like a rare dark phase rough legged hawk. this is an upland tundra bird that does winter in tx, it eats rodents and ground birds during the winter, it hovers above it,s prey.

if this isn,t it, google eastern american raptors, maybe this will help.

would you please let me know? brook and i are amatuers, not orinthologists.

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