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We have a mourning dove nest in the bare naked crotch of a city tree here in Modesto. The weather forecast for the next few days is rain and wind. Two babies have hatched and then a third egg showed up two days later and they're sitting on that egg as well. I'm worried about what will happen when the wind and rain show up. The leaves on the city tree aren't out yet (a few weeks away still, I think.) Is there anything I can do to help her? I bought a small wicker basket that I'm going to put a few sticks in and attach it to the underside eave of our house. If I put it near the current nest, say about 10 feet away, will she move her babies and the third egg? These doves are plentiful where we live here in the Central Valley and as they say, "This isn't my first rodeo" with a dove nest. I've never moved a nest, but this is the flimsiest nest I've ever seen. It's out in the open, there are no leaves on the tree to provide shelter, and I bet there's a grand total of five twigs that comprise this nest. Am I worrying for nothing? I want to help them move to a better location, but perhaps I should just leave them alone? Thanks for any advice.

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Apr 20, 2017
04/20/17 update on City Tree Doves NEW
by: Anonymous

My City Tree Doves hatched only one baby (I thought I had seen two.) Baby was fine and getting ready to fledge when, this past Monday on 04/17, a blue jay pulled it out of the nest and attempted to kill it for food. Short story - I saw it happen, got outside in a few seconds and was able to rescue the baby. Put him in a tissue box and transported him to a wildlife refuge center about 25 minutes from my house. The baby was beat up and bloody on his head, but walking around and fluffing its tail feathers by the time I got to the refuge center. They felt they'd be able to save him and if they can't release him to the wild, a staff member there has a huge aviary where the little dove can live if he/she needs to. The parent doves are trying to nest again in the same dumb tree. I've provided two other safer alternative areas for them, but so far they haven't seen them. If you have any advice, I'd appreciate it.

Apr 08, 2017
Dove nests and babies NEW
by: Beth7Happy

Twice now, we have had doves nest in plants hanging on our patio. They build (or not!!!) the flimsiest nests ever!! They raised two sets of babies in the same 'nest' and we used our patio all this time. They would even 'trade places' while we were sitting right there. They would not want the nest to be moved, however, and they won't move the babies. It's hard to watch nature take its course, sometimes....we had 3 mockingbird eggs in a nest the other day - fresh eggs - in a shrub under the eaves. A big storm came up and the next morning, the eggs were gone. Not sure if it was the storm or if it was a predator. Sad, but it happens. Enjoy what you can while you can!!!

Apr 08, 2017
Update NEW
by: Anonymous

Thank you both. I won't move the nest. As an update, the third egg either fell from the nest or the parents kicked it out. It was laying on the lawn and, after carefully inspecting it, I could see that the egg had cracked and there was no yolk inside or anything else, so I removed it. I was concerned a cat or a predatory bird would spot it and then the nest would be found. The babies are doing well, and even though it's been windy and raining, the parents are still on the nest.

Apr 08, 2017
city tree doves NEW
by: Brook

No, moving the nest is not a viable alternative. If the nest comes down then you can move the nest to a new spot but as close as possible to the old.

A good heart can get you into trouble once in a while but without a good heart you will always be in trouble. Don't worry too much, just keep your eye on the situation.

Apr 07, 2017
Do not move the nest. NEW
by: Margaret Mariam

But...adding an alternative close by MAY work. Robins made a very poor nest in a sapling two summers ago. I did add some support underneath the next, but not the nest itself. Their young fledged before it fell, but have not used that spot again.

But moving the nest would not be a good idea, in my humble opinion.

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