Chickadee's with yellow on cap and yellow wing stripes

by Bill
(Prior Lake, MN, USA)

They appear to be chickadee's almost exactly except they have yellow on both their head and wings. They are showing up all over MN in abundance. I have only seen a few before this spring and now there are LOTS of them everywhere.

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May 03, 2017
Found It - Golden Winged Warbler NEW
by: Bill

Thanks for pointing me at my own questions as I couldn't find it and assumed that was due to not being approved yet. At any rate I eventually found the kind of bird on this site via a google photo search. The ones around my house seem a little darker in the grey parts and it's almost a blue. I found one of the poor guys dead on my stoop yesterday. I am on the edge of the migratory path as they head north for the summer. Still I have never seen so many of them in this area at once. Enjoy!

May 03, 2017
chickadee's with yellow on cap and yellow wing stripes NEW
by: Brook

welllll, I'm at a loss and I even spent time online looking for this little one. I was looking for a bird that had a hood similar to the chickadee though and without a pic it is difficult when we don't know what the bird is. Descriptions vary so.

I suggest you call the closest Audubon Society and ask them because I can;t find anything and no one else has answered. I'm no one else here knows either.

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