Chickadee Bird House Plans

The entertaining chickadee is a favorite among all bird lovers, and with good reason. Few of our wild birds are so sociable, responsive and fearless. Whistle to the little fellow and he invariably replies.

He is one of the brave little souls who spends the entire winter with us. We can be of considerable service to him during the cold weather by providing food shelters.

During the summer months his home is usually found in some decaying stump, hence nesting boxes of the rustic type placed in some remote spot of the yard are most attractive to him.

Chickadee Bird House Dimensions

Bird Species
Floor Size (Inches)
Box Height (Inches)
Entrance Hole Above Floor (Inches)
Hole Size (Inches)
Entrance Hole Above Ground (Feet)
4 x 4
8 - 10
6 - 8
1 1/8
4 - 15
Chickadee House

Chickadee Bird House Kit

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