by Carol Podesta-smallen
(Garfield, New Jersey, Bergen county)

A baby bird, appeared on my windows ledge beneath a large cherry blossom tree. I thought he was dead, but after tapping him a few times with a branch, he began to move. He can’t fly, s he just sat there. He seems to have fallen from the tree. I left for a while and when I returned, he was on the ground hiding in the corner under a bush

I put some bread down and it was gone this morning, but the squirrels probably took it. Luckily, he wasn’t taken by any animals, he was under my deck when I left for work. He is about 6” long, fat and his feathers resemble apinecone. I’m going to try to upload a pic. Please let me know what kind of bird he is.

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Jun 07, 2018
carol NEW
by: Brook

Hi Carol,

I have looked on the wiki site under birds of new jersey and I can't ID this little one. It is definitely a young bird that has either fallen out of the nest or tried to fly and had a mishap, it does seem injured. It NEEDS WATER IMMEDIATELY, but don't give it bread that will only stuff it and not keep it alive.

Young birds need protein, mostly bugs but if you have access to bird seed you can try that (black oil sunflower seeds would be your best bet here).

for an injured young bird to survive, you will need to get professional help for it.

New Jersey Audubon Society 908-396-7405

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