Can't identify bird

by Lisa Brennen
(Twin Falls Idaho USA)

Sorry have no picture. Trying to figure out what bird seen here in southern Idaho that is a little bigger than a gold finch, has a yellow breast, brownish wings with two white vertical bars on its back, & a crested head. Looks like a mini cedar wax wing.

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Mar 24, 2013
Iowa unidentified bird NEW
by: Anonymous

I couldn't get a phot but it was shaped like cardinal except had blue body, red on top of head and ornage beak. Anyone have an idea of what kind it was. I have looked everywhere.

Mar 09, 2013
Not sure but take a look at these 4 NEW
by: GaryE

Ok I have no clue but I was intrigued here are three possibilities but none exactly match your description

Black crested bulbul

Which is native to Asia and the only way it would be in Idaho is it it was an escaped pet and it is too large.

Great crested flycatcher

Might appear in Idaho but is also too large and no back stripes that you described

Brown crested flycatcher

Also too large and does not live near Idaho and no black stripes that you described.

I looked through my books in the yellow bird section and found nothing with a crest . . . so I did a google search for crested yellow bird and came up with those three.

Of course the only other bird I came up with was a cedar wax-wing which you seem to be familiar with so I discounted it as a possibility. But take a look at all of the pictures on that page (you might need to click on the right arrow near the bird pics on the bottom of the page to see all of the pics) and see what you think.

Do any of those look close to what you saw? Let us know and maybe we can come up with a match. Does/did your bird have a more or less prominent crest (than these)? Are you sure about those stripes and the size? I am just coming up empty and I need some more to go on LOL

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