by Char
(Apopka, Fl, U.S.A.)

My beautiful red-bellied woodpecker was at the feeder again this morning. I have a metal fly-through large gazebo style feeder; he clamps onto the side and can reach the black sunflower oil seeds in the bird feeder.

He hangs around a lot. It isn't unusual for him to visit the bird feeder at least twice to several times a day in the morning and again late afternoon.

The other day I went to walk into the kitchen when I froze. A large pileated woodpecker swooped down right in front of my glass French doors, landed on the ground , and stayed for several minutes. He too was eating the bird seed mix with black sunflower oil. (I toss a handful on the ground as well as the feeder, as my cardinals and lots of my mourning doves seem to prefer eating off the ground).

I try not to put too much bird food out to discourage the black bear that comes around every so often, though. It seems all kind of critters besides birds like this bird food, which I buy in 40 lb. bags and can only find at Costco. By the way, I live in Central Florida on a busy road in town, but my neighborhood is full of large oak trees , my backyard is surrounded by a forest-like mass of these trees and I'm about two miles from Wekieva State Park.

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Apr 28, 2015
bird food NEW
by: J J


Apr 28, 2015
Answer to your question NEW
by: C W

The bird food @ Costco is a mix of regular seed with the black oil sunflower. I find it to be fresher than bird food I've purchased elsewhere and certainly more economical. Plus, my feathered wild beauties like it. 😊

Apr 28, 2015
bird food NEW
by: J J

Is the bird food you get at Costco a mix or pure black sunflower seed?

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