Brown and white bird flew into window and broke its neck in eastern Iowa

by Rachel
(Superior, AZ)

This is about a 7" bird, medium brown on top with rufous wing feathers, almost entirely white underneath from beak to tail. Yellow eyes, nothing unusual about the head, but beak black on top and yellow below.

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Jun 10, 2018
Yellow billed cuckoo NEW
by: Anonymous

Absolutely a yellow billed cuckoo because of the red shafts and yellow beak and the underside is white.

Jun 04, 2017
definitely a yellow-billed cuckoo.
by: G.R.

That is definitely a yellow-billed cuckoo. I found a dead yellow-billed cuckoo on the side of my house today. I had a hard time identifying it. The underside of it's tail is black with white circles I think is unique. And it must have just happened because there were only 2 ants on it. I live in Highland Indiana and they have been cutting many old trees down the last couple years and seem to have displaced a lot of birds. Really sad.

Jun 13, 2016
A Veery is what I saw
by: Jean

After reading Erin's post, I looked up several images of the yellow-billed cuckoo. That is not the bird I saw, and, unless what she saw escaped from a zoo or private owner, I doubt a cuckoo would be up this far north. The tail is totally different, the body shape is more slender, and the beak shape is different than what I saw here in central Illinois. The cuckoo even appears to be a larger bird than what I saw here.

Nope, mine was definitely a Veery, and its markings, shape, posture, and habitat all fit what I saw. Extremely pretty bird. Looked like a Guernsey cow version of a robin! :)

Central IL, USA

Jun 13, 2016
I think its a Yellow Billed Cuckoo!
by: Erin

I saw the same bird at our lake house in Northern Indiana this weekend. Took a quick photo with my telephoto lens and then I looked it up on Merlin Bird ID. It's the only bird that matches. Apparently they're uncommon here and winter in South America.

Apr 07, 2016
Brown and white bird
by: Jean

I was searching my bird book and the internet today for a bird that fits this exact description/photo! I saw one briefly in my backyard in central IL (N of Peoria). I am pretty sure it is a VEERY, which is a type of thrush. It's similar to the brown thrush, but has much less noticeable speckles (if any, I would add!) Beautiful bird, with the general shape of a robin but a little smaller...which matches what Rachel found in Iowa and measured at 7" a few years ago! I'm 57 years old, lived here all my life, love observing birds, and have never seen one until today! Hope I get to see one again. :)

Sep 14, 2015
Eastern Kingbird?
by: Anonymous

Is it a brown Eastern Kingbird?

Sep 08, 2015
by: Joyce IN

Thanks Brook. It was a beautiful bird.

Sep 08, 2015
brown and white bird flew into window and broke its neck in eastern iowa
by: Brook

Hi, I don't know what species this is but it is a beautiful bird. Did you know that if you put decals on your windows, spacing them no further apart than 4" and in a uniform pattern that the birds will be able to detect the unnatural pattern and will then avoid your windows? I found some at the dollar discount store that work great for my large picture windows.

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