Broken Wing Trick!

by Paula
(Fresno, CA - USA)

nesting dove

nesting dove

I discovered the nesting dove at the side of our house where we have our storage bin for patio furniture and our tool rack is there also.

She had made her nest atop the tool rack on a flat area between the handles of the shovel and rakes.

She is out in the open without protection from cats or other preying creatures and without any protection from the elements.

I went to bring the patio cushions for the patio chairs from the bin and caught a quick glimpse of her out of the corner of my eye. She flew up and lit in the corner of our yard dragging her right wing across the width of the yard.

Of course, I thought she was injured, but then remembered hearing about birds that will fake an injury to lure the threatening animal away from her nest.

This is exactly what she was doing. I went into the house and watched her from the window. She flew up and back to her nest and I could see she wasn't hurt at all.

Today we had a horrendous storm, complete with lightning and thunder and lots of hail. I worried about her all during the storm and finally after it subsided, I went to peek around the corner at her. It was so pitiful to see her sitting there, with hail all around her and on her, too. Such dedication and bravery! This little sweet dove is much braver and stronger than I!

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May 17, 2010
Mourning Dove that really has a broken wing
by: Anonymous

Her wing will not fold back into place and she cannot fly. She let me pick her up and the only place I have for her is in a little patio fireplace. It's like a wire cage with a lid to keep out rain, and a little door. I'm hoping the ashes inside won't harm her.
There are small sticks inside upon which she's sitting, and I added some long grasses that I pulled out of the yard. I filled a small lid with sunflower seeds and another with water from my rain barrel so there isn't any chlorine in it.

Does anyone have suggestions that will help me keep her happy? Is there hope for a broken wing?

Apr 14, 2010
Love of Nature
by: Barefootreba

You are so blessed to have witnessed such nature in action. I had a wren nest on my hanging mop head under my back carport/deck. It was amazing, just right out my back door last year. She raised a beautiful dry family and I was very impressed and proud as I can also tell you are!

Apr 13, 2010
by: Anonymous

And what a sweetheart you are for caring for that precious creature. There should be more like you in our world.

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