Broken wing help identify

Broken wing help identify this bird has fallen out of the tree right next to my home I know this because the adult bird which seems to be the parent is aware but can do nothing to get the bird back in the tree The bird visibly has an injured wing please help with advice of where to take it or what to do and the reason I did not leave it where it was in the grass near the tree landscapers were about to mow the whole section !

Any advice is helpful and I'm trying to identify this bird

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Jul 10, 2018
broken wing help identify NEW
by: Brook


I'm fairly certain it is a young crow and the best thing you can do to insure that it will survive is to find a wildlife rescue like Judy suggested.

In the meantime, make sure it has fresh water immediately and often and try to feed it protein. Tiny bits of worms might be best, but if you dont have them raw meat in tiny, tiny bites.

Hold the food just above it's head like the parent would and it should take it from you. Keep it in a draft free, dry, quiet, and darker area of the house. Preferably in a box so it can't move about and hurt itself.

Jul 07, 2018
Injured bird. NEW
by: Judy-Seattle

I can’t indentifynyour bird from the photo. But try googling for a wildlife rescue near where you live. They would probably take the bird and know how to treat it.

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