bob grawey

by Bob Grawey
(Oak Grove, MN)

We heard a loud bang against the window, and I found a bird I've never seen before. It was at least as big as a blue jay, had a long black beak (estimate about three or four inches long, I think had kind of brownish speckled feathers and the most extraordinary feature was that the large side feathers all had a solid gold-colored edging that looked like it was from end to end. I carefully scooped it into my hands, but it flew away before I could take in any more details or to get a photo. PLEASE, someone, I've never seen anything like this bird. It was quite extraordinary.

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Aug 14, 2017
Response to Brook
by: Bob Grawey

Hi Brook,

Thank you for your response! I looked up photos of yellow Shafted Northern Flickers and found several pics that were pretty close except for the rust-colored patch on the head. This bird has a much more rust (than red) patch on its head. It was also smaller than the photos I saw. Is it likely that the patch can be varied? This one's patch was just behind the eyes more on top of its head, rather than the back of its head or the neck area.
I also notices in the photos that some are more yellow-colored than others. I suppose it depends on a bird's maturity and sex??



Aug 14, 2017
bob grawey
by: Brook

Hi Bob,

Everyone describes things differently so it is something difficult to pinpoint a specific bird. What I believe you are describing is a Yellow Shafted Northern Flicker.

If this isn't correct, I suggest you might call the nearest Audubon Society.

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