by Linda

It all started the middle of August, a couple of days after our sweet cat, Missy died.

Sitting on my bed, talking on the phone with the TV on, I happen to notice looking out my bedroom window 2 small grey birds land on the inside strip of the corner of the awning over the window. I am not sure what kind they are. They looked like a sparrow or wren. I slowly walked up the window and they were not afraid of me. They cuddled as close as they could together and turned their heads and bodies facing the inside of the awning. Both birds stayed their until about 6:45AM and then they flew away. This lasted 5 evenings and I had started looking forward to seeing them come every evening around 7:50PM to 8:00PM and stay the night.

Then one evening only one grey bird showed up. I wondered why the other bird did not return. It was very interesting to me how this bird would come about the same time every evening and fly into the corner of the awning. I would slowly walk up to the window and he would just watch me and not be afraid. Then he would turn and face the awning and settle down for the night. I decided to call him "Birdie". I really don't know if it was a male or female. Sometimes I could hear another bird chirping close by in the morning just before my bird woke up. Birdie would wake up slowly and move down on the strip of the awning and turn side ways look at me, if I was there and after a bit would fly away.

One evening after a few evenings had passed, I noticed "Birdie" come and perch on the strip in the corner of the awning. All of a sudden, I heard this harsh chirping, like a mother bird does when another bird comes near her nest. I saw this other grey bird that looked of the same kind, fly and chirp loud landing where "Birdie" was and pushed him out of the corner of the awning. This other bird stayed in the corner but when I walked over to the window it was afraid of me and flew away. A couple of minutes later "Birdie" came back and settled in the corner looking at me as I slowly came up to the window. He did not seem afraid and he stayed the night.

"Birdie" continued to come back several more evenings and I thought it was very interesting that he would come around the same time in the evening and leave around the same time in the morning.

One day I decided to change my curtains and bedspread to a different kind. That evening I noticed "Birdie" did not come at the regular time. About 20 minutes later I looked out the window and their "Birdie" was in the other corner of the awning which is further from the window and I can not see him unless I am right up at the window. Could it be that "Birdie" was afraid of the new curtain? This lasted for 3 evenings. The 4th evening, I happen to see Birdie come and land in his original spot in the corner which was easier for me to watch him. I was happy about that as I enjoy seeing him.

The next night he came and was about to settle down for the night, as I walked up slowly to the window he seemed a little uneasy and flew away, which he had not done before, and did not come back the rest of the night. I wonder why he did that? Is it because he is more mature and got more afraid of being so close to humans?

I was happy to see that the next night, Birdie showed up, and he was 10 minutes earlier than he use to come. He did not seem afraid of me either. He stayed the night and left his usual time in the morning. That was the last time I saw him. He never returned. I have missed his little presence every evening but I am glad for the opportunity to have been able to watch him . I felt to share this story.

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May 01, 2012
by: Anonymous

i have never met soo many bird people in one place... :l

Oct 01, 2011
Birdie Story is very touching
by: Cathy in MD

Linda...I love this story and Birdie was a trooper always coming to his Safe Haven even after being pushed away. Birdie knew he was safe under your loving watchful eyes. Thanks for sharing this story and being so good watching over Birdie. God Bless Cathy

Sep 29, 2011
Joy in Florida
by: Anonymous

Loved the story of Birdie and its time with Linda in Florida. How fortunate we are to have such an experience with mother nature and know that we are never alone and all that is precious is always close. Thanks for sharing such a great story.

Sep 29, 2011
I love all of your animal stories, Linda :-) !
by: Anonymous

Wonderful story, Linda! (Linda's my walking buddy :-)) - I'll always love your affection for wildlife, which I share. ...and I'm very sure that birds, like so many other miracles of nature, have a "sense" about whom they can trust....I know Missy had that sense about you, too....she was lucky!

Sep 28, 2011
by: Anonymous

Thank you for sharing your story!
I think it's great when we get the opportunity to interact with nature.

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