Bird with spots and pink feathers under its wings in Wisconsin

by Kari
(Madison, Wisconsin)

bird with pink under wings

bird with pink under wings

Found this bird, unfortunately, deceased on our deck after hitting a window. I have never seen one with the beautiful pink feathers under its wings - they looked like flamingo feathers. The rest of the bird was kind of brown and white spotty. It's size is about half way between a robin and finch.

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Apr 30, 2016
Female Rose-breasted Grosbeak NEW
by: Peggy

I have a pair again this year. I now have seen this same color in a deeper hue in the male Rose-breasted Grosbeak under the wing. Would have sent a pic of it, but did not find where I could send the attachment.

This is where you can see it identified, but not with the underside of the wing.

Aug 09, 2015
Pink underwing
by: Peggy

I'm from Northern Indiana and this morning 2 birds flew into my front window. I ran out right away as we have 2 cats outside. Both birds were birds I had never seen before. But I suppose at a distance they looked a lot like sparrows. The bills were thicker and the underside on the body was light yellow. Under the wing it was almost hot pink! I picked one up first. It was dazed.I have a brush pile between the yard and the woods that I placed it in for safety. I wished now that I had taken a picture of it. The second bird looked the same. I put it in a different safe location just in case they were squabbling with each other at the time.

Both the birds were gone when I checked back an hour later.

I have not been able to identify these birds. It is the beginning of August so I wouldn't think they are just migrating through.

May 09, 2015
bird with pots and pink feathers under its wings in wisconsin
by: Brook

Hello Wisconsin, I don't know the bird but I can give you some helpful hints on bird proofing your windows so hopefully you won't have any more fatalities. Birds see the reflection of the leaves, trees, or water in the glass and don't realize it isn't free space to continue their flight through. Most people do not put window decor up properly so as to discourage bird collisions. The design needs to be placed no further than 3-4" apart using the same pattern so as to not be confused with nature which is random. So if you have diamond shaped stickies they all need to be the same shape and size and the pattern has to remain the same over the whole window. A few stuck here and there will not be sufficient to discourage any bird. Be creative, it isn't necessary to buy your design at a bird shop and pay a lot$$$.

I hope someone is able to ID you bird for you.

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