Bird Watching Clubs

Are you looking for bird watching clubs in your area? There are many benefits to joining a birding club.

Local and national bird watching clubs are a great resource for information about wild birds in your area.

Other benefits include:

  • Birding Field Trips
  • Annual Bird Counts Information
  • Rare Bird Alert
  • Monthly Publications
  • Lectures on Local Conservation Action
  • Scholarships
  • Wild Bird Identification
  • And more

Sometimes I enjoy the solitude of bird watching alone, but there is something special about bird watching with friends. If you don't have a birding club in your area, then find your area's Audubon Society. Each State's Audubon society is a little different. But most offer bird lists for your state, rare bird sightings, tips on finding wild birds in your area, guided bird watching outings, tips on using bird feeders nature camps and much more. Going on a bird watching walk or attending a monthly meeting are great ways to meet people in your area who share your interest in wild birds.

As an added bonus, many Audubon locations have home school programs to promote bird watching for kids.

You don't have to be a birding expert to join. In fact most clubs welcome anyone who has an interest in wild birds.Whether you enjoy watching birds at your feeders or traveling throughout the State, you will benefit from being a member. Members learn from one another and most members eager to share their knowledge.

I am putting together a list of bird watching clubs by State to make it easy for you to find one in your area. This list will grow over time, so if you don't see one in your area now check back soon or subscribe to my RSS feed for automatic updates

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Are you a member of any bird watching clubs in your area?

If you are involved with a birding club, we would love to hear about it.

Posting information about your bird watching club could result in new members.

Please include contact information, locations of your meetings, a brief description of the benefits to joining your club and anthing else you want us to know.

Look at the list below to
find a bird watching club near you.

Here is or current list of bird watching clubs.

Pink City Bird Watching Society 
About Us: Pink City Bird Watching Society was started in the year 2008 by a group of 4 Engineering Students having passion for Nature, especially …

Bird Watching Club Advice Needed 
I don't have one near me, and I would like to start my own club, please advise.

Fulton County Birding Club Not rated yet
We are a bird watching club in Northwest Ohio and are mission is to Educate , Protect , And Enjoy the wild birds in the area.

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