Bird stalker

by Jessie

Hello folks! I am trying my best to hang out with my bird friend who sits outside at night. I've always wanted to befriend an animal (that is not a pet) and this bird may be my chance ;) look here, he hangs out on the outside top of the porch window late at night and I'm so used to seeing him when I get home around midnight and he usually flies away, hovers for a second, and flies back when he realizes I'm only just going into my house. Oh, he is in Southern California as well. Now I don't have much information going for him as I always see him late and in the yellow light of the porch, but he seems very plump and brownish gray and possibly a little red or orange on his breast (That may just be my imagination though, because I quite fancy the red splash on a pretty bird). I don't know if any of this is possibly useful at all, and maybe I'm just delusional in my optimistic assumption that there are such bird experts out there who could tell a bird by what time of night I see him and where... OR maybe I have such faith in whoever answers these questions and am therefore paying you the highest of compliments, and so you are welcome then. I do apologize, though, for writing an entire article, I probably sound like a freak now, though I think I started sounding like a freak the moment I wrote 'I'm trying my best to hang out with my bird friend'. Well anyway I hope you answer, though if you don't ill just ask the bird myself I suppose (though he hasn't answered my previous questions yet). Also, it would be nice to know, too, so I may feed him properly....or rather, successfully bribe him to love me . Thank you for taking the time to read this, if you do, if not then I'll forgive you. Have the loveliest of days!

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Aug 03, 2014
night visitor NEW
by: CA bird fan

Don't know what kind of bird you have, but I had a bird experience like yours. I live in the S.F Bay Area of CA. I used to come home around 12:30 to 1:00 in the morning. Every night I was greeted by a night bird who sat in the bushes about 10ft. away from where I sat on the patio to unwind. This went on all summer long. We 'conversed' back and forth in whistles. I would whistle a short melody, and he would copy it. This bird greeted me every night. I grew very attached to my little visitor. He went away over the winter but was back the next year. I never saw it in day light, but what I could see looked like a mocking bird.(?)

May 08, 2014
bird stalker NEW
by: Brook

Enjoy life! Bird stalking is a great way to pass time and they do get to know and trust you in time. I don't know what your bird is but hopefully someone else will and respond. Yes, it is possible to ID a bird by the time it is awake and the area it lives in if you have a fairly decent description of it. Will keep my eye open because I am curious to know what bird is out at 12 AM.

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