Easy to Make Bird Seed Wreath

Have you ever seen wild birds eat from a from bird seed wreath?

I love bird feeders, but there is something special about watching birds feed in a more natural setting. An edible bird wreath is a beautiful addition to any backyard bird feeding station.

Bird Seed Wreath

The best thing is that you can easily make your own.

This is a great project to do with kids of any age. Getting children involved in birding is the best way to get them interested in nature.

When following the directions below, do not be afraid to substitute any item for what is available to you. There are many ways to customize your wreath depending on the season or what items are available in your area. You can even make adjustments to attract different wild birds.

I have attracted woodpeckers, chickadees, nuthatches and orioles, just to name a few.

In the fall you can use wild grain, corn, wild berries, wild grapes or even flowers like purple cone flowers or sunflowers.

In the spring and summer you can cover it with fresh fruit.

You will truly be impressed by the quality and uniqueness of these beautiful organic bird feeders.

Each of these beautiful creations are grown and made right in our


  • Grape Vine Wreath
  • You can purchase these at your local craft store for around $5.00. If you have access to grape vines or willow branches, you can make your own.
  • Florist wire
  • Wild Grapes
  • Mix of Tall Grass Seed Heads
  • Purple Cone Flowers
  • (2) Dried Sunflower Seed Heads


Trimming leaves from grape vines

Step One:

Trim the leaves from the grape vines. Use the florist wire to attach the grapes to the wreath. Spread the grapes out so that they are all around the wreath.

Gathering grass seed and purple cone flower stems together

Step Two:

Gather the grass seed and purple cone flower stems together. Trim the stems about three inches longer than the diameter of the wreath. Tie them together using the florist wire.

Attaching the grass and flowers to wreath

Step Three:

Attach the grass and flowers to the wreath using the florist wire. Arrange the swag so that the seed heads are hanging down and resting on the wreath.

Step Four:

Use a nail to make two small holes in the sunflower seed heads. Cut two pieces of florist wire about 10 inches long. Push each end of the wire through the holes in the seed head from the top. Then attach the seed heads to the bird seed wreath on each side of the grass stems. Make a loop using the wire and attach it to the back of the wreath to make a hanger.

This a really fun project that can easily be completed in an afternoon.

Now sit back and enjoy watching your backyard birds feed from a natural bird seed wreath that you created.

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