Baby or full grown?

by Carol
(Austin, TX USA)

What kind of bird is this?

What kind of bird is this?

This tiny little grey bird with long thin beak sleeps in my porch eave every night. I thought maybe he was injured but took flight when I got close. It hasn't built a nest and just curls up on an old non working misting hose. I would like to know what kind of bird this is and if I can make it more comfortable.

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Aug 26, 2017
Most probably full grown
by: Carol

I have gotten to know this little bird and have gotten up close to him. After some research I believe it is a House Wren. It is actually grey not brown and has white spots on his wings.

Aug 21, 2017
nesting porch bird
by: roma

you can,t tell by the photo what color body it has but i think it is a juvenile red-breasted nuthatch, uf so it will have gray on top of it,s head. the bill looks the same. the postal service has first class stamps showing it in the winterbirds collection. it must feel safe to sleep thete.

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