Baby Mourning Doves

by Myrna
(Damascus, Va USA)

I need help ASAP!! While cutting brush a nest was torn down. There were 2 babies in it. They were saved but the nest site is gone. Saved some of the nest, put it in an empty cool whip container with some lent particles from my dryer. Put it in a tree near the house, but mother or father doves have not found babies. What can I do? The babies are hunkered down in the nest, and seem comfortable, but will starve if mom doesn't come to them.

I suggest you provide them with some food and water and hopefully the parents will return. Go to Feeding abandoned Baby Birds.

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Apr 21, 2012
To other anonymous
by: Anonymous

You are not silly. Blinking slowly, w both eyes or w just one eye at a time (while being relaxed and calm and quiet yourself), tells the bird you are relaxed; you are not a predator, and the bird can trust you. Often it not only calms the frightened bird, but will get the bird to blink slowly back at you -answering your 'bird communication'.

Oct 04, 2011
hi there
by: Anonymous

Hi there. I think so long as you use gloves to place the nesting and eggs back as much as you can they will return just fine. They are very loyal birds and I love them so very much. You know you should try and stroke them on the top of head very gently while speaking softly (and I know this sounds silly) but blink slowly while looking at them ...... it brings them peace and trust. It allows them to feel more comfortable and feel they are safe and not in harms way. (I do not think I know everything or anything like that) It has just been my personal experience with the doves.....I also have saved some Cardinals as well and got to hold 2 different babies and got them safe. (boy mom and dad were mad for a minute but I wore gloves) and I helped them fly. The very next day I was sitting in my swing and I would almost promise it was the SAME bird I helped fly. It sat for a few seconds on the side of my swing almost saying "thank you".... I told my husband and the day after we were both sitting out there and it happened AGAIN so he got to see it with his own eyes. I am pretty sure the same Cardinals are coming back to my home as well. I have many many birds in my yard. Of course me and my two best friends that live next to me one next door and the other the next house we all feed them. My birthday is the 25th this month and I think I am going to see if my husband will build or get me a bird-house. I truly would like a HUGE HUGE one so many little birds can have a warm safe place. I did not mean to talk so long I am BAD about you and your family have a great night.
Thank you,
Sureshot - and good luck with your birds as well!

Jul 18, 2011
Baby Doves Update
by: Myrna

Just a note to say our baby doves are alive and well. We put them back near where their nest was, and my hubby checked on them yesterday and mom and dad had found them, and they were still in the coolwhip cup but doing well. Am very happy to report, I think they are going to make it!!

Jul 13, 2011
baby doves
by: Myrna

We decided to place the nest back as near to the place where it was disturbed as possible. I could hear doves cooing later so I am in hopes that the parents found their babys. I am unable to take care of them as I have to leave tomorrow. Hope they will be ok.

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