Baby Hawks

by Sherry
(Poetry, TX, Hunt County)

Mother hawk

Mother hawk
baby hawks
baby hawks

We saw the mother hawk flying around this spring. I finally located the nest and after a lot of patience, I got a picture of the babies.

Great photos. Question;

Did the parents attack you while you took photos of the babies in the nest? There is a street in a town in Saskatchewan, where the mailman will not deliver the mail while the hawk nestlings are in the nest, due to constant attacks by the parent hawks.

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Aug 01, 2012
Baby hawk fell out of nest
by: Sherry

A baby bird fell in our back yard last weekend. We have tried feeding him bird seed and bread but didn't appear to like it. So we took a picture of him and went up to Petco. We just found out he is a hawk and purchased mil-worms and he is very happy now. He loves to walk around the back yard. He hasn't learned to fly yet or doesn't appear to want to fly. He does fly enough to sit on my shoulder tho. He is very cute so I hope he will recover and be able to return to the wild.

Sep 07, 2010
Baby Hawks 2
by: Paul Carroll

I have taken pictures of baby hawks that were nesting in the field by my Campsite. The campsite is in Strathmore, Alberta. Your pics are great and I was wondering if I could some how send them or post them so that others can enjoy them to. This was the second year they nested there.

Fellow Birder Paul


Hi Paul
We'd love to see your photos. Just go to Ask A Question on the site, start typing and you will see a screen will pop up to upload your photos.

Aug 06, 2010
Baby hawks
by: Sherry

No she never made any attempt to attack, but she did move them across the road to an old barn as soon as they started climbing on top of the nest.

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