baby bird w/ yellow stripe across tail

Baby too soon out of the nest. Mother is feeding it.She looks like a brown sparrow or a brown finch. Baby has a yellow stripe across the tail about 1/8 in above the end. Would like to know what it is

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Jul 24, 2018
Baby bird...
by: Anonymous

I found the same kind of bird on the dads driveway and im trying to find out what kind of bird this is so i can feed it until it can fly. sadly i cant figer out what kind it is and the food i made it, well shes just not eating it. so if you can, plz reply to this saying what kind of bird this is, bye!
- Anonymous >:3

Jul 27, 2017
So sad
by: Anonymous

Unfortunately I found it on my back patio and tried to give it water and food, but it would not take it and just fell over dead.

Don't know why because it was not damaged in any way.

So sad.


Jul 20, 2017
same here
by: Anonymous

I called the wildlife rehab center and they told me this is a cedar waxwing. Some birds are OK when found on lawn, mom is still taking care until they can fly a day or two later. This is not one of those birds, should be taken in to a rehab center if found on lawn or in one position for more than a few minutes or an hour, etc.

Jul 05, 2017
baby phoebe
by: Anonymous

baby phoebe

Jun 28, 2017
Cedar Waxwing
by: Anonymous

Cedar Waxwing

Aug 12, 2015
similar birds found dead
by: Anonymous

I just found 4 birds that look just like this only older dead, Something killed them and left them only partially eaten. A raccoon maybe?

Jul 11, 2015
baby bird with yellow strip.
by: Anonymous

I had one bird fly into my garage. It was in the process of learning to fly. It will do fine on its own.
I am curious to know what specific type of bird it is.

Jul 28, 2014
bab birdw/yellow stripe across tail
by: Brook

HI, I don't know what species your little is. I'm guessing that it has probably flown out of the nest and mom is taking care of it. If you can put it back in the nest that would be OK but otherwise I would suggest that you put it somewhere it will be safe but where Mom can still take care of it. Many birds are still fed by their parents after they leave the nest and your bird has all of it's feathers except the tail feather which is common for young birds. I hope someone gives you an answer to the species. But give your little bird it's best chance of survival and send it back to the care of Mom.

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