Baby Bird Saved by Good Samaritan

by Tony Alexander
(Covington, GA)

I noticed a birds nest several weeks ago above my front porch. Last week, as I was going to clean up the bird droppings on my patio, I noticed that one of the babies was on the ground, huddled in a corner. I wasn't sure how she got there but she looked distressed and wasn't moving much. When I looked up, I could see 3 babies still in the nest, staring at me. I didn't know much about birds but I was told that if I touched the baby by hand, the mother might reject it. Since I didn't own a ladder tall enough to get her back in the nest, I decided to create a small nest in a plant hanger that I had. I then picked up the baby with a garden glove, and moved it into the nest I created and hung the nest about 10 feet below the original nest. My thinking was that the mother would notice her and still continue to feed her from there. About 2 hours later (about 8:30pm EST), a rain shower came through and the temperature began dropping after that. I then went back out to check on the baby about 9pm, after the rain stopped and it looked weaker than it was earlier, and my thoughts were that if I could get it back into the original nest, that would be its best chance of survival. I then called my neighbor across the street, who had a ladder tall enough to get up to the roof. We both hoisted the ladder up to the roof, I then picked up the baby with my garden glove and placed it back in the nest and hoped for the best. The next day when I looked up, I could see 4 heads sticking out of the nest and that's when I knew the baby had survived its demise. That made me feel good to know that I probably saved her life. But now I still don't know what type of birds these are, so can someone please tell me? Thanks.

Nice work, Tony! They are swallows. Their nests are made out of mud. Enjoy!

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Jun 03, 2011
Always be on the lookout!
by: Anonymous

It is nice to read stories with happy endings. Saving a bird or any other animal is one of the most satisfying and rewarding acts we can do. Tony, those chicks were giving you the gratitude look! Good thing there weren't any cats in the area. Here is one good reason why cat owners need to keep their cats indoors; this little one would have been dinner or "a gift" as some cat owners call it when their cat comes home with a dead bird.

Jun 02, 2011
Re: Baby Bird Saved by Good Samaritan
by: Tony

Thanks Susan. They took flight for the first time this morning. It was great watching them fly around.


Jun 02, 2011
Baby birds
by: Cheryl de la Feuilliez

I'm happy the baby bird made it.I've been in the same situation too.But I did pick up the baby bird with my hands & it was alright.

Jun 02, 2011
Heart-warming story.
by: Judy-Seattle

Tony, I loved your story. I would have done the same thing. You are certainly a bird lover after my own heart. I once convinced my husband not to have the siding on our new house stained until after the swallows had left their mud nests.

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