Australian nest and babies

(Mackay, Queensland, Australia)

The bird and her nest.

The bird and her nest.

Her partner and her arrived a couple of weeks ago and made their nest in our undercover area. She's in it most of the time now so I am assuming she is nesting. Can you please tell me what type of bird she is and how long she will nest for? I have also been told they will come back each year, is that right?

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Jan 31, 2013
yellow bellied sunbird NEW
by: Anonymous

we have one nesting on our balcony at the moment too. They nest close to humans for extra protection from predators, although there is a butcher bird who has tried to attack our nest a few times (but so far we have kept him away!). We watched them decide on the site together and then she started building while he tried to pick fights with his reflection in the window! Now there are eggs in there but they haven't hatched yet. They are beautiful little birds!

Jan 11, 2013
by: Richard, Gallup, NM

Females sit on the eggs from 14 to 17 days.
The eyes of the young open on the 7th or 8th day after hatching.
The straight bills of the young begin to curve at 9 to 10 days of age.
The young are covered with gray down when they hatch and they start to develop their true feathers at 11 to 12 days of age.
The fledgling period is 15 to 17 days before the young leave the nest.
Young are attended by both parents when they leave the nest, and they are taught by the parents how to find safety from predators.
Sunbirds feed on insects and nectar from long tubed flowers, and hence they tend to follow the flowering times through their ranges. I do not know if they are repeat nesters at the same location, but I do know that they prefer locations with long tubed flowers which they pierce the base of with their long bills to get at the nectar.

Jan 11, 2013
Queensland's Personable Pouch Nester NEW
by: Richard, Gallup, NM

Your porch patron is the yellow-belied (also known as the olive-backed) sunbird [Nectarinia jugularis]. This bird is the only sunbird to make it as far south as Queensland, Australia, out of all the sunbirds of Africa and Austral-Asia. It is actually the darling of Queensland; as you drive about Queensland you will notice that several businesses have the monicar "Sunbird-". Not does it only build a very fabulous pendulous nest, it seems to enjoy doing so in the proximity of human dwellings. The male with his beautiful metallic blue throat is a spectacle to behold, and all the courtship antics these birds go through are spectacular enough to make even humans fall in love. How do you like the little porch roof over the hole! I have never ever seen one of these creatures, "I ENVY YOU!"

Nov 11, 2012
Australian bird
by: Susan

Hopefully our readers can help identify this nest and birds. And yes, birds usually return each ear to the same place to build their nest.

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