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Not sure how I ever really got into birds think it was just one feeder that grew into finding birds have personalitys ,At any rate every spring I hear questions about how to attract Birds and or what kinds of birds are these,To any one interested heres what I have found that works for me ,Water,Food and cover are best things I got a bird bath few years later I traded it for a heated bird bath (amazing difference) I traded my hopper feeders (messy)for caged dinner bell feeders with cylinder feeds,I have one platform feeder with a clear top and the only thing I place in it is safflower seed in cylinder form Great for cardinals n blue jays,not much else seems to enjoy safflower,I have two tube feeders also in cages one for sunflower chips and the other for thistle,I have several suet feeders that are cages with brackets that snap on one inch poles and hold suets up side down access only, cages n suet feeders keep away nuisance birds and critters while allowing access to almost all birds that can get thru 1 1/2 inch openings,the other thing is I try to keep my feeders around 8 to 10 feet from cover,only other thing I suggest is keep a camera handy one picture is worth a thousand words,and you never know what you may see passing thru or staying awhile any way these are things that work for me hope maybe they help someone else Enjoy, Art

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Mar 11, 2015
questions about suet n feeders NEW
by: Art (bequik)

In answer to question about suet feeder mounting and cleaning feeders I added text reply and pic replys hopefully they will be clear enough to see how suet mounts and how feeders are easy clean ups .....On suet feeder if you wish to mount it so its upside down for birds that can cling to pole or cage you need to grind inner washer so one sides flat for cage I did mine on a belt sander easy fix ............Hope information helps and every one Enjoys SPRING

Mar 11, 2015
For Brook n anyone else interested feeders n suet cages NEW
by: Art (bequik)

Thanks Brook n Susan for your comments on Feeders n Garden,Im always hesitant when I get on some sites to Mention brand names or outlets,But since I have seen others mentioned here I feel comfortable,I Can relate to Cleaning woes I have had My share,I purchase all my feeders from an outlet Called Wild Birds Unlimited They have a store close by and Im sure if You search the web you can find one near you they also sell online,But I would suggest that if possible you visit a store,The one we go to is in Blasdel Ny a suburb of buffalo Great Staff well informed Helpfull I cant say enough Good things about Them,Any way all there feeders are user friendly break down for cleaning and have brushes designed for each one,Ill be Honest a little pricer than some bargain stores but the quality is there all the feeders are lifetime warrantied and have a mold and mildew additive in the plastic The Suet feeders are capable of mounting hanging or brackets two different angles I Prefer to mount mine so they hang flat that way only birds that can grip the pole or hang upside down can get at suet saves on large groups off power line birds just crowding the feeders all my other feeders have cages again keeps nusance birds away Plus hawks while woodpeckers,goldfinches,cardinals,grosbeaks etc can get in any way im gonna post some pics of cages and feeders hope they help n like I said if you can find a Wild Birds Unlimited in your area take some time n visit ........Anyone with any other questions feel free to ask I enjoy talking about my hobbies .............Art PS if you mount the suet feeders the way I like you have to grind down the inside washer to one flat side for cage I did mine with a belt sander see pics if you need closer pic ill break it down n post it easy fix ..............

Mar 11, 2015
art (bequik) NEW
by: Brook

Yes, thank you Art that is helpful. Don't you find the cylinders harder to clean or were you able to find some that come apart? I have been looking for one but can't find any, if anyone knows the brand name of a cylinder that comes apart for cleaning I'd love to know. I'm finding myself with piles of dirty feeders stacked near the tub. Every once in a while I get so disgusted with one that is very difficult to clean and simply toss it out!

I'm also curious about your suet holder. It sounds easy to use but I can't picture what you are describing. I am in the middle of making one but I'm not real happy about it. Can you post a close up pic?

These tips from fellow birders are very helpful.

Mar 10, 2015
Thank you Art
by: Susan

Thank you for your tips on attracting birds to your yard and sharing photos of your beautiful gardens.

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