Answer about my nesting duck?

by Andrea

Hi, I submitted twice between late April and early May (second with a photo) asking for help identifying my nesting duck. I can't find the entry with the photo and I don't know how to see if anyone replied.

Thank you,

She had dark bill, faint black eye stripe,n mottled brown feathers, white feathers around tail. eggs were yellowish. smallish duck. I kept looking for green teal wing spot but didn't find it, also thought pintail, but out of range and eye stripe.

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May 07, 2016
Thank you! NEW
by: Andrea

Thank you for confirmation of my assessment she was a pintail! All eggs hatched and they are gone. Wish I'd seen them parade! We left the gate open 6 inches for them to get by. :)

May 07, 2016
answer about my nesting duck? NEW
by: Brook

If you can get a pic of the chicks before she leaves post it for us. Thanks !

May 07, 2016
answer about my nesting duck? NEW
by: Brook

Hi, sorry you didn't get the info. She is a Pintail. Migration patterns are changing with the climate and/or she may have separated from the flock during migration. How are the eggs?

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