a regular bird at my hummingbird feeder

by Susan
(Houma, LA)

I live in deep South Louisiana, approximately 65 miles Southwest of New Orleans, literally with Bayous in our back yard. I was so surprised to look out and see a 'normal' bird, not a Hummingbird feeding off of the nectar of my hanging Hummingbird Feeder. I have never seen this before. With my binoculars, it seemed to have a red breast and a red head...If I had to, I guess I would compare it's size to a small sparrow.... however, my mom was a bird watcher and I feel that this must be a migratory bird... You know how warbler's fly? they kind of dip and sprint, if you will, this bird does not do that... I assume it's a male due to his color. And by the way, it seems I am only seeing female Hummingbirds, as they are only green with a white throat..no display of real color.

Can anyone comment on this?
Also, FYI, if it makes any difference, many Mockingbirds here...

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Apr 22, 2018
a regular bird at my hummingbird feeder NEW
by: Brook

Hi Susan,

This could be a male House Finch in his beautiful red breeding colors but they are a little larger than most sparrows. It very well may have been a visitor on his way north but it still sounds like a house finch.

My sparrows even fly up to my feeders and they are ground feeders, and my chickadees won't leave the sugar nectar alone.

hope this helps

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