A pair of fat brown birds!

by Marjorie
(London, Ontario, Canada)

A pair of very fat brown birds with dark, beady eyes, beige breast and a fluffy beige ruff under the neck came to our backyard in London, Ontario, Canada yesterday. The feeder was empty, but they sat under the feeder, not at it, and then sat together on a nearby fence. They had a longish, stripey tail like a pheasant, but they were not as big as I think a pheasant should be. We had just filled the feeder the day before and yesterday we found it empty. Could these two birds have eaten the entire contents of the feeder when we weren't watching and then grabbed the husks from the ground? What could they have been? Sadly I wasn't able to grab my camera in time and they flew away.

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Apr 13, 2017
mystery partially solved NEW
by: Anonymous

Thanks for responding! Since then I have solved the mystery of the empty feeder: I caught a chipmunk red-handed (I mean brown-handed) with his nose in the cookie jar/feeder.

As to the fat, brown birds, the pair came again the other day, but I still don't have a camera with a zoom lens. However, the heads were distinctly hawk-like, and they had the swoop and glide trait. I guess I'll never know for sure, but in my Roger Tory Peterson bird book I saw pictures of immature Cooper's hawks that are brownish instead of the richer colours of the adults. So I think my birds were either immature Cooper's hawks, or maybe immature versions of another hawk. It would be fitting if they were Cooper's because that's our name. :).

Mar 31, 2017
Not Sure NEW
by: Anonymous

Not sure about the identity of the birds but I feel pretty sure that two birds couldn't empty a feeder in one day. You should plan on refilling your feeder every day, possibly a couple times each day, especially once the birds become aware of it's existence. I fill several feeders three times every day but it takes multiple birds to empty them.
Also, your birds were likely picking at seeds that had fallen to the ground as some birds will not feed FROM the feeder but prefer to feed on the ground.
Good luck!

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