A Multitude of Flickers!

by Deb L.
(Carmel, Indiana)

We live on a wooded cul-de-sac in central Indiana. We know that the flickers are with us year round because we can always hear their calls. Generally we will see one or two at a time, high up in the trees, almost always in the summer.

We've just had two 5-inch snowfalls in the past four days,the latest being last night. Imagine my surprise and shock this morning when I looked out at the feeders in the backyard and saw SEVEN flickers; four on the feeders and 3 waiting patiently in the small maple tree about 10 feet from the feeders. As one would depart the suet feeder and head for the maple tree trunk, one from the tree would take its place.

This afternoon we also had two pileated woodpeckers plus the seven flickers all in the yard/feeders at the same time. Apparently the pileated is not very nice about sharing; as soon as a flicker landed on the other side of the suet feeder, the pileated peeked around the suet cage and snatched a huge chunk of breast feathers out of the flicker! Needless to say, the pileated now gets to have the suet feeder all to himself. The flickers watch him carefully from the maple tree and take their turns once their unruly neighbor departs.

Also on the maple tree trunk this afternoon were four different species of woodpeckers, all at the same time! I watched one pileated, one flicker, one red-bellied, and one hairy all share the same tree trunk. They moved too quickly to take a photo and I'm trying to be patient to see if I can capture any of this fabulous bird behavior.
I have some poor-quality photos of four of the flickers, but not of the seven. If I get really fortunate to capture them all, I'll post it. What a privelege it has been to witness this today!

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Dec 30, 2012
Feeding the birds in winter
by: Susan

At times of winter storms it is so important to feed the birds to prevent them from starvation. You can read more at the following page.


Thank you for feeding the birds!

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