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The Backyard Birder, Issue Spring 2011
April 08, 2011

Simple Tips For Enjoying The Spring Migration

This is the best time of year for birdwatching, as one can find the greatest number of birds, in the northern United States, and southern Canada. This time of year you will find permanent and summer residents plus transient visitors who are on their way further north.

The greatest pleasure from bird-study comes through observing the birds found around one's yard, as one sits on the patio and watches the wrens and bluebirds rear their young in the houses provided for them, or sees the robins and flickers that dot the lawn in search of insects, or hears the bird chorus that swells through the open window as one awakens in the early spring morn.

One of the most satisfactory methods of studying bird life is to observe close at hand in one's yard the birds that may be attracted there by;

  • nesting-houses
  • fountains
  • food.
  • Identification

    The first step in bird-study is the identification of birds. The ability to name the birds from year to year as they return in the spring is one of the chief pleasures in bird-study, and gives a sort of feeling of friendship for the birds.

    A pair of binoculars is a wonderful help to bird-study. Some birds are easily frightened, and often it is not possible to approach near enough to see them distinctly without glasses.

    Many of our common birds have become accustomed to man and allow one to approach them closely, but binoculars add much pleasure to bird-study and render it much more effective and satisfactory.

    When To Find Birds

    The spring is the most interesting season to study birds. It is the season of bird song and of nesting, and birds render themselves very conspicuous at this time.

    Later, when home duties begin, there is less singing and birds are more wary about exposing themselves. June, when the nesting-season is at its height, is also an interesting month for bird-study.

    The best time of the day to study birds is in the early morning up to about nine o'clock, as this is the time when birds -are most active and do most of their singing. The next best time is in the late afternoon.

    What To Study

    Beginning in the early springtime and continuing till the last of May, it is fun to keep a journal of the spring migration.

    In its simplest form this may consist of two columns giving the name of the bird and the date when first seen. To this may be added as many more points as one wishes, such as place where seen, number, etc.

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    Happy Birding!


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