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The Backyard Birder, Issue #020 May, Welcome The Birds Back!
May 03, 2009

May is a wonderful month for backyard birding. Many of our favorite wild birds have returned from their winter retreats to raise new families. Large mixed flocks of songbirds begin to thin out as pairs form and nest building begins. We have two pairs of tufted titmice that return each year and build their nests in the same place. One pair nests under an eve and the other pair under our deck. They are wonders to watch as they catch moths out of the air.

Here in New Hampshire we are finally able to begin outdoor projects. We have expanded our hobby of backyard birding with a flock of chickens. I know this is a bit off topic but hey, they are birds. We have six New Hampshire Reds and six Barred Plymouth Rocks. They are a lot of fun to watch but there has been one unexpected side affect, a red-tailed hawk has taken up residence in the trees above the coop and chicken run. There is no way for the hawk to get to the chickens but just by being there many normal visitors to my feeders have been scared off. It may be just as well since I have had to take down most of my feeders because of a black bear that has been visiting my yard.

As I mentioned earlier I am starting a small flower garden designed to attract hummingbirds. I have started Red Bee Balm, Scarlet Salvia and Coral Bells in seed trays. The Red Bee Balm is not doing well but the others are. I hope to plant them outside in a few weeks. I normally put out my hummingbird feeders in mid to late May so hopefully we will see some Ruby-throated Hummingbirds soon.

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