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The Backyard Birder, Issue #019 March, Spring is Here!.
March 08, 2009



With all the difficulties of the world today spring brings a feeling of renewal. Each day the sun feels warmer and more bare ground appears from beneath the snow. Wild birds form large flocks to travel to their summer breeding grounds. Over the last few days I have seen large groups of robins gathering at any bare ground they can find in search of food.

Your feeders can be over run with large flocks of birds this time of year empting them in a matter of minutes. Last month I asked for ideas on ways to save money while feeding birds. Here is one of the responses I received:

"To John Huff Thanks for a great news letter its nice to hear from someone who lives across the fatherland. I live here in Fresno, Ca and the winters are not to harsh we will see maybe 30-32 degrees Fahrenheit for a few days. I have a MoBi feeder which just means more birds which holds nyjer seed, a copper hopper feeder that I fill with BOSS black oil sunflower seed, a tube feeder with mixed seed boss, millet, sunflower chips, a wire mesh feeder which holds a no-mess blend, and a peanut feeder that holds shelled peanuts. The challenge has been to keep them full too I have recently built a large ground feeder to put underneath the station to catch seed. I was surprised at how much black oil seed I was able to recycle back to the feeders it also keeps the area tidy. My son told me we should save all the aluminum and plastic that leaves are home wow to my surprise this has helped keep the feeders full. When money does get tight I go for the black oil sunflower seed its popular with a wide variety of birds you can't go wrong out their hobbyist with this seed. I'll buy a 50 pound bag for $25.99 and Iím set for awhile. To my fellow hobbyist don't give up explore options to keep feeding, watching birds for me with my family often strikes up conversations with my children 11yrs and 17 yrs it gives them a opportunity to open up its a blessing in disguise. Not to mention the great times I have with my wife she laughs at the measures I take to keep feeding. My grandfather 85yrs told me during these tough times people will find the true meaning of life .... Chris"

Thanks Chris for the great ideas. If you have a way to save money feeding birds that you would like to share us please contact me here,

I have been asked many questions about butterflies lately. I am sorry I donít know much about butterflies but here is a fun site I found glorious-butterfly.

I have purchased the seeds I plan to use in my hummingbird garden. I am starting with seeds because it is much cheaper. I can have 100 plants stared from seed for about the same price as six plants from the local nursery. Here are the plants I plan to grow; Red Bee Balm, Scarlet Salvia and Coral Bells. Large groups of plants do a better job of attracting hummingbirds than a sparsely planted garden. It will be a few months before new plants can go into the ground but I can start these seeds indoors to get a head start.

Happy Birding,


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