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The Backyard Birder, Issue June 2010
June 06, 2010

The Best Way I Know to Save Birds!

The joy of birding is increasingly becoming tinged with anxiety - especially with the current oil catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico.

Birds have long been indicators of the health of our ecosystem.

How many birds will be lost by the consequences of human actions?

Birds can be saved, if the millions of bird lovers band together to become a political force for conservation.

One of the most important things bird lovers can do is create bird habitats in our own backyards.

The typical backyard is a pretty toxic place, doused in chemicals to kill the insects that birds feed on. Birds, however, like an underbrush teeming with insects. Each of us can play a role in protecting the species in our own backyard. You can attract birds to your yard - and let them replace the work of chemicals!

Attracting Orioles To Your Yard

Feeding orioles is very rewarding; their brilliant feathers, a song like a rich ringing whistle and a personality that is not the least bit shy of people.

Orioles frequently take up residence in an inviting backyard with shade trees and food provided.

Insects are the primary food of Orioles - another reason you want to attract them to your yard!

Orioles have quite the sweet tooth - they love to eat fruit and drink nectar from flowers like honeysuckle or nectar feeders.


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