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The Backyard Birder, Issue December 2010
December 11, 2010

Three Simple Tips For Feeding Birds In Winter

In winter, feeders can be a matter of life or death for backyard birds.

1. Fill your feeders every morning. You may need to fill them twice a day.

2. The important part of feeding birds in winter is to be consistent. Empty feeders during harsh weather can create hardship for the birds. If you are going to be away, ask a neighbor to fill your feeders.

3. The greater the variety of food you offer, the greater the variety of birds that will visit your feeder. In preparing a bill-of-fare for our prospective bird guests, we must remember that among them are both insect and seed-eaters. For the insect eaters we should have a never-failing supply of suet. The Chickadee, Nuthatches, Downy, Hairy Woodpeckers and Brown Creeper are especially fond of this food and it will also be taken by the Jays and Starlings.

For the seed-eating Sparrows and Grosbeaks we should offer hemp, canary and sun-flower seed, millet, cracked corn and mixed chick-feed.

Unroasted peanuts and other nuts are eagerly eaten by birds of both classes.

Here's more information on Attracting Birds In Winter.

And some ideas for bird feeder crafts to encourage children in learning about birds.

So What's On Your Christmas List?

Last year for my birthday, my husband bought me binoculars that had a built in camera.

Now this is one of those ideas, that sounds wonderful in theory - but in reality, it's not great.

The camera was awkward to use, and the photos weren't the greatest quality.

So for Christmas, I'm not taking any chances and have prepared a list of suggestions for him. For birding gift ideas, I have given hime the following list to choose from:

Gift Idea #1

What's not to love, about this Snowman Bird Feeder? Ideal for cling feeding birds like nuthatches, siskin, and woodpeckers. His hat pulls off for easy filling. Snowman Bird Feeder

Gift Idea #2

Just point the BirdCam 2.0 at your bird feeder, bird bath or bird house, and then marvel at the up-close images of backyard wildlife that you never saw before.

The BirdCam 2.0 takes digital photos or videos with sound at a specific time interval or be used as a regular digital camera. The built-in flash makes it possible to make photos of birds in low light and nighttime conditions. Bird Cam

Gift Idea #3

This might be pushing the envelope a little, but I would love to have a scope for birding. It doesn't have to be a Swarovsky - any of these Skylines will be just fine. Birding Scopes

Reader's Recipe of The Month

Thank you Christine from Glasgow, Scotland

The Christine Special!

Melt 3 blocks of lard in a pot then add:
1 Jug of ground peanuts
1 jug of thistle seed
1 jug of bird seed
1 small bag of meal worm

Mix well then pour into baking trays
Place in fridge over night
In the morning cut into blocks.
The birds cant get enough of it :-)

Note from Susan A jug is 1000 ml which is approximately 4 cups.

Gems from the Forums

Flickers Love Suet

Wintering Hummingbirds

Wishing you Happy Holidays and Happy Birding!


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