Rhode Island State Bird

Rhode Island state bird:
Rhode Island Red Gallus gallus domesticus

The Rhode Island Red is a domestic bird. It was established as the state bird of Rhode Island on May 3, 1954. A state wide contest was held in 1954 where five birds were offered as candidates. The Bobwhite Quail, the Osprey, the Towhee, the Ruby-throated Hummingbird and a breed of chicken called the "Rhode Island Red".

The Rhode Island Red was favored from the beginning. First because of the name and second because the breed was developed in Little Compton, Rhode Island in 1854. For commercial reasons, it also had the backing of the Rhode Island Department of Agriculture and Conservation, the entire poultry industry and the American Legion.

The Rhode Island Red was approved by both Houses of the Legislature. On May 3, 1954, Governor Dennis Roberts signed the legislation making the Rhode Island Red chicken the official bird of the State of Rhode Island.

The Rhode Island state bird is a domestic bird. Click here for tips on finding wild birds in Rhode Island.

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