3 abandoned baby birds!?

by Kaitlin
(Buffalo, New York)

Found these guys in a shoe box under my porch a few hours ago, obvious someone had placed them there unfortunately for these little guys. We have too many stray cats around so since then have moved them to a box padded with shredded papertowels on top of a low setting heat pad on my foyer. Will be taking them to the local Audubon Community Nature Center on Monday but would like to know what they are, any ideas? Near Buffalo NY, Not the best pictures but thanks in advance!

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Jul 15, 2017
3 abandoned baby birds!? NEW
by: Brook

Hi Kaitlin,

These birds are very young and need professional care to survive I don't think they will live until MOnday. But, ff you have to you must give them water through a dropper and protein from something similar to a pair of plastic tweezers, which means....bugs. Keep them in a draft free, comfortable temp and dry environment and in a very quiet, dark place.

I guess we aren't able to ID them but at the moment their survival is more important.

I don't think they will live until Monday without professional care, unless you are willing to get up during the night to care for them. Call an Audubon Society and ask for more details on how to care for them.

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