2015 Summer Bluebirds Update For Cottage Grove MN

by John P.
(Cottage Grove, MN)

Picture Bluebird cage feeder

Picture Bluebird cage feeder

Well they were later than normal this year but on Friday June 12th

a beautiful pair of Bluebirds arrived in my back yard in Cottage Grove, MN.

A week earlier I had another stunning pair of tree swallows checking out my three Bluebird houses as potential nesting sites before leaving and never being seen again.

When the Blues showed up about a week later they were a welcome replacement for the tree swallows I had missed out on.

I added a new free standing Bluebird house which I added last fall that is mounted on a PVC pipe which inserts into a larger PVC pipe buried in a garden bed that faces out onto open lawn.

The pair of Blues checked out the traditional Bluebird houses I have mounted on my backyard
fence before finally settling on the new freestanding one.

Today on July 11th they are busy going in and out of the new house and I suspect are feeding their young ones. The male is a beautiful striking blue when in flight with an orange upper breast which blends into a white lower body color. The female is softer in coloration but just as beautiful as the male.

I never thought I would be lucky enough to attract these beautiful birds and four years ago I started adding the Peterson designed Blue Bird houses to my fence in the back yard.

Ever since adding the Peterson design houses I have had a pair of Bluebirds return to nest every year.

Some years I thought they would not return but every year they eventually will show up on top of a 15 foot tripod pole I have mounted in my backyard.

They love places to perch Above the lawn to search for food in the grass and to survey their house and protect it from other competing bird predators like house sparrows.

They also appreciate dried mealworms in tray or cage feeders designed for Bluebirds that keep the Starlings out of their feeding trays.

A birdbath kept clean with a brush and some bleach and then rinsed real well and filled with cold water from a garden hose is important.

Keys to getting Bluebirds:
*House mounted on fence or free standing pole about five feet high facing open lawn area.
*Shepard hooks and / or pole with tripod on top for perching and surveying house and yard.
*Food (dried mealworms) supplied in protected cage feeders for Bluebirds and Chicadees.
*Well maintained birdbath kept clean periodically with bleach and brush which is well rinsed and
kept filled with clean water.

Doing these things gives your birds the essentials they look for which are housiing and shelter, perching stations and food and water.

I also have added a two year old serviceberry tree in my back yard as the Blues love the serviceberries as another source of food.

If you do these things you will likely be lucky to enjoy beautiful Bluebirds in your back yard even if you live in busy suburbia.

John P. - Cottage Grove, MN.

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Jul 13, 2015
Bluebird Update
by: John

Thank you Brook!

Always fun to share information to fellow bird enthusiasts in the hope it might be helpful to them too.

Jul 12, 2015
2015 summer bluebirds update for cottage grove mn
by: Brook

Thank you for sharing your experience John, it would be helpful if more people offered this type of information.

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