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This site is dedicated to helping you turn your backyard into a magnet for wild birds!

Most people stare in disbelief when they learn of the number of birds that annually visit their climate.

Honeywillya Garden

Many little suspect, what rare and elegant visitors from Mexico, from Central and South America, and from the islands of the sea, are holding their reunions in nearby neighborhoods.

The Secrets Of Attracting Wild Birds To Your Yard:

The life of birds, especially of our migratory song-birds, is a series of adventures and of hair-breadth escapes. The home instinct is strong in birds - once they have a home they will return to it every year.

The Needs of Birds;

Birds' needs are simple but must be provided in the way that various species desire and require. If you follow a few rules you should have no difficulty in supplying what is needed to attract wild birds to your yard.

More help at 10 Biggest Mistakes in Backyard Birding.

The chief needs of birds have to do with the;

Following the tips and techniques in my website, you can attract birds to your yard, learn to identify wild birds and their song, and turn your yard into a bird sanctuary! 

It takes little money - precious little when you consider the many hours of enjoyment you gain - for Mother Nature to send the birds to you!

This site will provide you with all the backyard bird information you need to create a bird-friendly yard and how to get the most out of bird watching. Here are a few examples of what you can find:

Homemade bird food recipes

Gain instant access to more than 30 wild bird food recipes!

"Easy to Make Homemade Bird Food Recipes and Bird Feeding Tips"

Download in seconds... My Gift To You! Learn more here!

I am excited to offer you several ways to share your stories about birding with us.

Tell your backyard birding story here.

Got A Question About Birds? Ask here. We have the most amazing group of visitors who answer your questions. It's help and be helped!

A Home For Wild Birds Blog
A Home For Wild Birds Blog will supply you with up to date information for helping you attract wild birds into your backyard.
These Bird Food Recipes will Attract Wild Birds and Save You Money
These bird food recipes are easy to make and they will attract more wild birds
Favorite Backyard Birds
What are backyard birds? They are the birds that can be attracted with bird feeders. Here are some descriptions of many common backyard birds and how to attract them.
Attracting Birds In Winter
Attracting birds in winter is even more important than any other time of the year.
Bird Feeders
Bird feeders will attract many types of wild birds. If you are looking for decorative bird feeders or squirrel proof ones you can learn more here.
Wild Bird Seed and Other Wild Bird Food
With all the choices of Wild Bird Seed, how do you choose the right one? We can show you how.
Bird Houses Will Complete your Backyard Bird Habitat
Bird houses are a great way to improve your enjoyment of your bird feeders. Let us help you choose the right birdhouse.
Creating a Bird Garden will Attract Wild Birds
Design and create a bird garden that will support wild birds in a natural habitat.
Attract Birds With Water
Attract birds with water using these simple techniques. Add a bird bath or a pond to attract more wild birds.
Bird Feeder Crafts
These easy bird feeder crafts are a great way to get kids interested in bird watching.
Homemade Wild Bird Food Recipes
Here is a collection of our readers' homemade wild bird food recipes.
Bird Lovers Gifts
Our favorite bird lovers gifts for ideal gift giving
Online Bird Identification
Need some help with bird identification? Got a question about birds in your backyard?
Your Bird Stories
We would love to hear your bird stories. Tell us about your favorite bird food recipe, backyard birds, local bird club or bird watching adventure.
Hummingbird Information for Attracting More Hummingbirds
You will find all the hummingbird information you need to attract more of these beautiful little birds into your yard.
50 State Birds and Descriptions
There are many interesting facts about our 50 state birds
Review of Bird Control Systems
Over the past 40 years, many techniques and types of equipment have been used for bird control.
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Site map listing all page for A Home for Wild Birds
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Homemade Bird Food Recipes

Bird Food Recipes


Ten Biggest Mistakes

In Backyard Birding

Ten Biggest Mistakes in Backyard Birding

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